Saturday, March 9, 2013

DIY Glass Jar candle holders

I once saw on Pinterest about reusing a glass jar/mason jar.  Of course, I save my mason jar for making jam or kimchi, but i have TONS of other glass jars that I saved from spaghetti sauce to pickle jars.

So I made some into valentine themed candle holders.

They are soooo easy to make, you just have to try it

simply use mod podge (sold at hobby lobby, Micheal's, and major super-centers) to glue tissue paper onto the outside of the jars, then cut out whatever shapes with different color tissue paper and mod podge them onto the first layer of tissue paper. put whatever candles that fit inside them, u are DONE!


  1. Thanks for stopping by the toolbox post and for all your great tips. Love the stud finder too.

  2. Recycle and reuse glass jars that once contained food items from the store. Keep your eye out for nice sizes, thickness and shapes.

  3. Hi there...found you via link party this morning and have enjoyed looking through your site! Love these candle holders! So pretty! Newest follower here!