Saturday, April 13, 2013

Mini Nail Kit turned Gum Case

I found a cute nail kit at Target yesterday, took the content out to put in a DIY first aid kit that I made for a friend [see the post here on how to make one].  Then I was left with the case and I thought to myself "it is too cute to throw away, but what can I put in it?"  oh i got it!

So this is the pretty case of the nail kit!

took the content out, left with that little foam thingy that held the nail accessories

using pliers, i took out that foam piece

Filled it with gum!!!!  

Now I have a very pretty gum case for my purse! YAY

Saturday, March 9, 2013

DIY Glass Jar candle holders

I once saw on Pinterest about reusing a glass jar/mason jar.  Of course, I save my mason jar for making jam or kimchi, but i have TONS of other glass jars that I saved from spaghetti sauce to pickle jars.

So I made some into valentine themed candle holders.

They are soooo easy to make, you just have to try it

simply use mod podge (sold at hobby lobby, Micheal's, and major super-centers) to glue tissue paper onto the outside of the jars, then cut out whatever shapes with different color tissue paper and mod podge them onto the first layer of tissue paper. put whatever candles that fit inside them, u are DONE!

DIY cell phone charging holder

To continue my plastic bottle recycling theme, I created another charging station, this time for a cell phone.

The finished product

First, find a used and empty bottle, i used a Korean aloe juice bottle, and cut the top off

then cut two holes that will fit over a double outlet, then sand the edges to smooth

Either spray paint it, or mod podge fabric on the bottle

Here you are

The reason why it needed to have two holes, so the top can still be used and helps hold it in place

So if you have created something like this, i would love to see the end result!  

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Refreshing old mail box

When I moved into our house, the old mail box was all rusted and nasty like it has never been cleaned before.  I would loved to have a new one, but knowing that costs money i decided to just spray paint it.

Just clean the mail box really well, sanded the rusted spots, then just spray paint it with chalk board paint so u can write on it.

then i got some wood alphabets (which i had for a long time) and painted (with acrylic paint) our last name, and glued magnets on the back and stick them onto the mail box!

Refreshing old bread box

So we had this bread box that was just all scratched up, so i decided to sand it down and repaint it.

after a coat of paint

second coat

after painted it, i realized that the door part will not stay painted because of its constant use, so i mod podged fabric on it! 

it's now much prettier!